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JINOCCO attends president Xi Jinping’s works launch in Tajikistan
Published:2019-06-11 Source:JINOCCO tags:

June 11, 2019, Works of Xi Jinping on Governance, volume I, Tajik edition, is launched in Tajikistan National Library. The launch was jointly sponsored by the ministry of culture of republic of Tajikistan and China embassy in Tajikistan. The attendees include representatives of Tajikistan authorities, diplomatic delegation, scientists, intellectuals, journalists of China and Tajikistan media and representatives of China-funded companies. Ambassador Liu Bin says the publication is of great significance just before president Xi Jinping officially visits Tajikistan, it is a big issue of building friendship between China and Tajikistan, and it symbolizes high level of comprehensively strategic Sino-Tajikistan partnership.

JINOCCO (Tajikistan) Construction Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2016. She always holds up concepts of development by honest operation and quality assurance. Henceforth, she obtains good reputation among China-funded companies in Tajikistan. General manager XU Longhai was elected as deputy chairman of chamber of commerce of China-funded companies in early 2019. Such position is effective to promote JINOCCO and explore marketing.

As a Chines company bases in Tajikistan and attends the launch, we feel be respected because our country is becoming more strong, we also realize that we must closely integrate our business with political trend, follow up with roadmap f One Belt One Road Initiative.

Representatives of JINOCCO Tajikistan in the launch

Representatives of chamber of commerce of China-funded companies,

the first right is Mr. Xu Longhai, general manager of JINOCCO Tajikistan.

                                                                                                                             Reporter: Elvira XU

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